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Latest!  Jihad, Irish Peace, and 'Palestine'  


Plan D for Democracy, Dialogue and Debate needed more than ever!


European Council President Van Rompuy and Commission President Barroso declare they refuse to comply with Lisbon Treaty on public access and public money!
Avalanche of Dollars 

1 Danger! Avalanche of Dollars! Or how you should love not beggar your neighbour!

2 Is Mr Soros right that the Euro crisis could bring about the destruction of the EU?

3 Is the assault on the euro an 'unintended consequence of the US toxicity bailout?

The fate of the euro, the political cartel and corrupt practice are thrown into the balance -- of Law!

Is the euro crisis about olive-growing States or about applying Law against politicians' fingers in piggy banks?


1 Parliament fails its first Lisbon Treaty test: it submits ILLEGALLY to Council secrecy about citizens' money.

2 European Council President Van Rompuy and Commission President Barroso declare they refuse to comply with Lisbon Treaty on public access and public money!

3 Who will take the Council to Court for trying to pinch the public's money, violating the treaty and bringing democratic Europe into disrepute?

4 Legal Questions to European Leaders on Openness and Public Money to Prove you are Democrats not Kleptocrats

5 Letter to European Council President Van Rompuy on legal and moral requirement for Budgetary Debates to be open to the public

6 ‘FIASCO!’ Commissioner tells Council. It is an expensive mistake for ‘democratic institutions’ to cut the citizen out of the picture.

7 How the Council of Ministers just stole YOUR money in the E Coli scandal!

8 The underhand, one trillion euro budget — Parliament breaks Lisbon Treaty law again!



1 European Council decides by post and orders the public to 'Stay OUT!' and 'No, you cannot see our (public) documents!'

2 Without impartial rules, all Europe could become PIGS. Why the Commission must become freed from its party cartel to save the euro.

3 Another power grab against Democracy! Council and Commission cut Civil Society out of the circuit. The party cartel strikes again!

4 Heads of Government reveal their discussions at European Councils! It's a burqa!

5 Council decides PUBLIC policy should be secret! Foreign Policy a secret G27!

6 How the Council picks the Parliament's leader as Speaker for UNDEMOCRACY!



1 Europe’s shameful abandonment of democratic principles has led to the Cyprus membership mess that has now to be solved

2 Should an Asian island be a member of Europe?

3 Creating a real community for the New Cyprus

4 Whose peace is it anyway? United Nations is no longer a straitjacket to peace. Why don’t Europeans act?



Will the EU continue the last 30 years of Energy and Foreign Policy FAILURE?

The Schuman Declaration shows how governments have lost the plot on a realistic diplomatic service.


1 How Governments cheat the voters, distort democracy and fix the European Elections

2 Parliament publishes Handbook on 'How to cheat in the European Elections'

3 Arrogant MEPs plan massive voter theft

4 Europe's Double Crisis of Democracy -- it's sinking fast and the EuroParliament shuts its eyes to the catastrophe!

5 European Council's Blitz against open democracy -- its Blitz-IGC redefining Parliament

6 Speaker for Europe's UNdemocracy  -- How the Council fixes EP elections


1 Biggest money challenge in history!

2 Why is the European Central Bank President still the politicians' plaything?

3 Is Monnet to blame for the Euro crisis?



20th Anniversary of German Reunification. It was announced 63 years ago. Can today’s Statesmen plan for long-term democracy?


1 Holocaust Remembrance Day: Schuman’s warning of the Nazi extermination of the Jews. How it led to Europe’s Convention of Human Rights and the supranational Community.

2 Human Rights vs the Final Solution


1Democracies Beware! The declaration of a SECOND Palestine is a declaration of WAR!

2How to expose a FRAUD -- call your people Palestine!

3 Jihad, real Peace and the conspiracy called 'Palestine'


1 'Islam Awakes!', Europe falls asleep, comatose of its energy addiction

2 Iranian warships trans the Suez canal on 'anti-pirate' mission. Is it really Mission Europe?

3 How can the EU encourage Democracy and Human Rights across the southern Mediterranean?

4 The EU must REVERSE its NAZI-like support for Holocaust-denial, Jew-hatred and Jihadi terrorism !




1. Businesses take over the EuroParliament. It is OFFICIALLY debased as a House for Hire!


monnet myths

1 Did Monnet know how to stop 2000+ years of European wars? If not, who did?

2 Supranationality is vital for today's global peace solutions. Did Monnet invent the idea?

3 The whole world needs to know IF the idea of European DEMOCRACY sprang from Monnet

4 Why did Monnet FALSELY claim to have invented the European Community? Why does the EU propagate this Fib? 

5 The uncelebrated 60th anniversary of the conference that gave birth to the struggle for European democracy. Text of Schuman's address. 

World Leaders take note! The mystery man who taught Monnet supranational peacemaking: Revealed!

Can you DISCERN if Monnet was an egotistical Mythmaker and Charlatan? 

8 Is Jean Monnet to blame for the Euro Crisis and Europe's financial Black Hole?

9 BBC as Propaganda voice of Monnet Myth


Nuclear proliferation

1 "The entire world is threatened" -- Chancellor Merkel. When will Europe wake up to nuclear proliferation dangers and ACT as a Community?

2 Terrorists, nuclear bombs and genocidal ideologies. Ideology is at the core of the danger!

3 Why Schuman created the world's most effective anti-proliferation Community: Euratom


Passport scam: British, Irish, French and German passports are NOT secure. Personal data have been stolen. What are we paying for?

Europe's Future

Europe 2020

1 The missing D word. Whatever happened to Democracy in  the Commission's 'smart' strategy for the future?

2 Blackmail by the Energy Cartel remains Europe's major threat. Without its own Energy Community Europe will not have real growth or a Foreign Policy!

EU 2030 Gonzalez Report

2030 Warning!  The Council's poisoned chalice to the Gonzalez Group could drug Europe to its downfall!


Truth in Communications

1 When is the Commission going to tell the truth about its origin?

2 Would the Founding Fathers be shocked by the fall of the Berlin Wall and the re-unification of Germany? Not at all. They planned for it!

3 Has Europe lost its democratic race horse and got an old, lame Lisbon Treaty camel? They certainly lost or hid the most important document in the sixty-year history of the European Union!

4 Supranational Democracy is undergoing trial by fire AGAIN -- this time by a party oligarchy. The Commission offers a soothing pot of poisons to explain away the Lisbon Treaty's coming nightmare.

5 The Council's and the Commission's disgraceful refusal to publish the Full Text of the Schuman Declaration is an insult to the democratic rights of all 500 million citizens!

6 The Schuman Declaration shows how governments have lost the plot on a realistic diplomatic service.

7 OFFICIAL--All Commissioners refuse to publish the SCHUMAN DECLARATION and the DECLARATION OF INTER-DEPENDENCE!

8 The EU's Anti-Schuman communication policy