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Truth7 : 

OFFICIAL: All the Commissioners refuse to publish the SCHUMAN DECLARATION and the DECLARATION OF INTER-DEPENDENCE!

Posted on 07/05/10

How many documents are archived for the public on the European Union website? There were on 7 May 2010 a total of 369,224 documents on the website

Question: Which two documents does the Council and the Commission REFUSE to publish?

Answer: The most important documents of all — the two documents that reveal the ORIGIN and the PURPOSE of the European Commission and the European Council, how European democracy should work and what it means for the future. In fact the European authorities BANNED the documents which are most vital to understand the origin of Europe as it is today and about its future.

On 30 November 2009, I wrote to President Barroso of the Commission, all members of the European Commission.

Dear President Barroso and Commissioners,
Congratulations on your new positions. During the coming months, the 60th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration will take place on 9 May 2010. I hope that the entire Commission will give great thought to the preparations for this major event. The Member States are living through the longest period of peace in more than 2000 years of European history. We are faced with global challenges of the greatest dimension. Europe has to set the highest moral example as it did by creating a Community of peace.

Yet for the last decade or more I have asked the Commission’s information services to communicate in publications and on the web the foundational documents of Europe. This includes the FULL text of the Schuman Declaration of 9 May 1950 and the Europe Declaration made and signed by all founding fathers on 18 April 1951 after the signing of Europe’s founding treaty. This Declaration of Inter-Dependence is equivalent in importance to America’s Declaration of Independence. I have never seen a publication of the Commission where this is printed. Why not?

In this regard, I am enclosing a copy of my latest letter to the Commission’s Communications services, who have not yet replied to my August request to publish these foundational documents. I hope that the first thing in office will be for you to publish “the real foundation of Europe” — to quote from the Declaration at

My best wishes for your term in office to build supranational democracy.

On 6 January 2010, I received a reply on behalf of President Barroso and the Commissioners from the Director General of the Communication DG. The Director General says that the Commission and its website DOES publish the full text of the Schuman Declaration.

This is not true. If the Commission does not know what exactly is the Schuman Declaration, if the multiple thousands of officials have not brought this to the attention of their bosses, then the Communication Directorate General and the Commissioners have not yet got to Square One of Communications.

The Communication DG is one of the largest services in the Commission. The operation runs many sections such as the thousands of staff around the world in the Commission Representations. They provide information to the world’s 6 1/2 billion people about what the European Union is, how it was created and why it is important for the entire globe. The heads of the offices now sport the title of Ambassador, for example, Ambassador of the EU to the United States in Washington.

It also has services to communicate with ‘the citizens‘. It has its own public opinion polling operation called Eurobarometer. And to be sure that the officials have adequate means to speak for Europe, it provides high tech infrastructure worldwide and ‘professional’ training for the officials about how to communicate Europe. WHAT on earth is the training service teaching the officials?

It has a system to reply to citizens’ inquiries called Europe Direct. And to keep in touch what the press and media are saying it has services on Media Monitoring and then Media Analysis. Its Spokesperson’s group is answerable directly to President Barroso. It holds daily press conferences broadcast worldwide on digital TV. Besides that it gives ‘off-the-record’ briefings to the thousands of accredited journalists in Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasbourg.

On top of that there are services for Research and Speech-writing. The Commissioners should say something that is true, in fact nothing but the truth. It has services for Promotions and Strategy. So why haven’t any of these very clever, well-educated and analytical people come across the real origin of the European Community??! Why hasn’t any of the thousands of these communications specialists said: “We haven’t really EVER published the main FOUNDATIONAL DECLARATIONS of Europe“? Haven’t the officials told their hierarchical chiefs: ‘The best way to promote Europe is to tell the truth? It is the best strategy because if we get found out telling falsehoods, we will lose any remaining confidence and public trust we may have.‘ Why have none of the Commissioners explained the founding fathers’ concept of European Democracy?

And of course none of these communications experts has produced a document giving Robert Schuman’s own explanation of the Schuman Proposal. He should have known best. He managed to get French Government approval for this revolutionary measure. He did it by democratic debate in Parliament, in public meetings and with his fellow ministers. He did it over a period of years when he was Prime Minister and when he was the Foreign Minister. He explained it to the French public on a radio broadcast on 9 May 1950.

Well before this he had explained what is meant by a supranational Community and European Democracy in many speeches in years before the 1950 Declaration. He gave speeches at the United Nations in 1948 and 1949, and major speeches in Strasbourg, London, Brussels and in North America about the principles of supranational democracy. All these speeches were BEFORE 9 May 1950. And he gave scores of speeches afterwards. He was known as the Pilgrim of Europe because he went from town to town, city to city giving many speeches. Thus he explained both before and after 9 May 1950 what the new foundation of European democracy was and how it would work.

What does the Commission explain? Nothing.

For the Founding Fathers the Declaration of Inter-dependence of 18 April 1951 was of the same importance as the founding document of the United States of America, the Declaration of Independence. In fact it was more important because it would help stop World Suicide.The leaders of all the founder States of Europe signed the document saying that ‘In signing the treaty founding the European Community for Coal and Steel Community, a community of 160 million Europeans, the contracting parties give proof of their determination to call into life the first supranational institution, and consequently create the TRUE FOUNDATION for an organized Europe.

Of all the 369,224 documents on would not a NORMAL person think that this was the most essential document to provide for the public? It starts by underlining, in the most authoritative way possible, the plenipotentiary powers of the signatures of the founding fathers acting in the name of the Six royal and presidential Heads of State:

Considering that world peace can only be safeguarded by creative efforts commensurate with the dangers threatening it;

Convinced that the contribution that an organized and invigorated Europe can bring to civilization is indispensable to the maintenance of peaceful relations;

Conscious that Europe will not be constructed except by concrete achievements establishing first of all the reality of partnership, and by the establishment of common bases for economic development;

Anxious to cooperate through the expansion of their primary products in raising the standard of living and in progressing in works of peace;

Resolved to transform their age-long rivalry through the unification of their essential interests, and, by the inauguration of an economic Community, to assemble the initial basis for a broader and deeper Community of peoples who had for centuries been opposed in bloody conflicts, and to set the foundations of institutions capable of providing a direction to a destiny that is henceforward shared,

Have decided to create a European Coal and Steel Community.

The European Commission — who owe their very existent to this Declaration — OFFICIALLY refuse to publish it, the foundational Declaration that provided Europeans with the longest period of peace ever known in Europe’s history!

Here is the reply of President Barroso and his colleagues from the Communications Director General.

8 January 2010

    Subject: Europe’s foundational Declaration of Inter-dependence

Thank you for your message of 30 November 2009, which you addressed to president Barroso as well as several members of the current and incoming European Commission. The President asked me to reply on his behalf.

We publish general information on the history of the EU on our website and occasionally in brochures. Our site… contains an overview of the key historical moments to which you rightly attach great importance, including the signature3 of the Treaty fo Paris on 18 April 1951. The site also contains the full text of the Schuman declaration, and has short overviews of the lives and contributions of our key founding figures.

In addition to archives and sites for specialists, declarations such as the one of Inter-Dependence can be found on the website “European navigator” ( This site is not managed by the EU institutions, but we often recommend it in our communication work as a useful service that provides access to documents about EU history to wider circles that history experts.

Every year Members of the European Commission, DG Communication and its Representations in the Members States celebrate the 9th May. This year these celebrations will also commemorate the sixtieth anniversary of the Schuman declaration, in addition to offering a moment of reflection on the future of the European Union.

Yours sincerely, etc

If you check on the site you will find that neither the FULL text of the Schuman Declaration or the Declaration of Inter-dependence– the founding documents of the EU — is published. The site referred to, when it is working, translates the key term for Community by ‘pool’!! That Gaullist term is a derisory approach to democracy. The censorship of the Commission shows utter contempt to democracy. It acts as if it were still a Gaullist-dominated instrument of French policy.

In a world of open communications, no government, nor any international organization can block the truth. If all the Commissioners unite to block the key Declarations that say Europeans must be FREE TO CHOOSE, then other means will publish these foundational Declarations. They can, for example be found on, which was created more than ten years ago precisely because of this neo-Gaullist censorship. I hope many other electronic sites and publications will make these key documents well-known to counter the Commission’s and the Council’s anti-democratic policies.

In Europa’s section on Democracy Dialogue Debate you will find the page CLOSED with the stamp:

This site has been ARCHIVED on 28/2/2010.

The Dialogue of the deaf is over. Have the ANTI-Communicators archived the Democracy Debate?

Dream on!