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Eretz3 : 

Jihad, real Peace and a conspiracy called “Palestine"

Posted on 27/07/12

Today Queen Elizabeth sealed the Irish peace process with a handshake and a private talk with Northern Ireland’s Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness. He was the former chief of the IRA, responsible for mayhem and the murder of Earl Mountbatten, the Queen’s cousin. This peace was acknowledged by the Irish Nobel Peace Prize winners as owing a great deal to European reconciliation, supranational law and the recognition of Human Rights. Much more can yet be done with properly functioning European institutions.

In contrast to the Irish peace process, the ‘Peace Process’ of the Israel government and Arab States has been going nowhere for two decades. There are little indications other than that the ‘Palestinian‘ side will always refuse any offers Israel makes for peace. Its media encourage children to become suicide-bomb fodder, they name squares after bombers and the celebrate vicious killers who blow up innocent people on buses. Meanwhile ‘president‘ Mahmoud Abbas remains unelected. Although the multi-millionaire is rather ‘poorer’ than billionaire, terrorist Yasser Arafat, he has not had the charity to condemn the 1972 Munich killing of Israeli athletes for which he was partly responsible. Nor has he withdrawn the circulation of his doctorate on Holocaust denial.

Has the EU nothing to say to Arab forces about this? How about: GET REAL! OR THE WORLD WILL END IN FLAMES!

Below I give my reply made last week to a blog published by the ‘Blogactiv team’. I was surprised that the Euractiv organisation had prepared an article full of elementary factual and historical mistakes. It is called The Palestinians and the “Piece” of the Process.
I replied only later to find out later it was written by Fadi Elhusseini, described as ‘a Diplomat at the Embassy of the State of Palestine in Turkey, responsible for Political and media affairs.’ That was a shock. I didn’t know there was such a thing as the State of Palestine. Palestine is the land of the Philistines, a nation that is long extinct. Fraud is no basis for democracy or world peace.

My comment is still ‘awaiting moderation‘. As this may take some time, I am publishing my response here.

You’re right the whole peace process is a fraud. It was foisted on Israel by the West because Saudi Arabia wanted it. The West needs oil. Arafat called it the Two Stage solution to destroy Israel. I didn’t see in this article a reference to the 13,000 rockets (around 360 500 this year) from Gaza, Sinai, that have been launched at Israeli cities in this period of the ‘Saudi Plan’. Why? If a European country was subject to such a barrage and children lived in terror in any European democratic country wouldn’t this be covered in the news? I do not see why Jews cannot build garages, extend housing or build homes in a country that was deeded to the Jews by international law in 1922 at San Remo, was recognized by all member States of the League of Nations and was then re-affirmed in the Statutes of the United Nations. After WW1 with the defeat of the Ottoman empire, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, Iraq and other Arab nations were founded by the same laws. What is most objectionable is Jew-free policies funded by the EU.

I do not see anything here about the huge problem of illegal Arab settlements (building without permission) in Judea and Samaria. Why? See:… Why has the EU not dealt with race-hate in subsidized text books and TV for kids that encourages them to become suicide bombers?
Europeans should be applying European principles of justice to the dispute not encouraging Nazi-like policies of ‘Jew-free’ territories, exclusive enactment of the most extreme Sharia law that excludes Christians and Jews, and extols terrorism and race hate and religious exclusivism see:…

What is called the West Bank and was called Judea and Samaria in the original UN documents was illegally occupied in 1948 by Jordan and other armies. It does not belong to Jordan nor to other Arab States including far-way Saudis. Jews were also called Palestinians before 1948 because this anti-Semitic term ‘Palestine’ was invented by the Romans to describe the land of Israel. To call the PNO/PLO Palestinians is a fraud see… When will Europe cease fooling itself for oil?

While that response is still awaiting acknowledgement and publishing with the article, I might add the following additional factual corrections for the attention of the European External Action Service and European democrats.

1. It is not just a 60-year conflict. That only dates back to the time when six Arab armies ILLEGALLY invaded the Mandate territory, defying the laws, and resolutions of both the League of Nations and the United Nations.

2. Long before 1948, peaceful Jewish residents were killed and massacred by mobs led by ideologues. During most of the time of the British Mandate Jews were targeted and the British reacted inadequately. In 1929 59 people were killed in Hebron, a city that was the home of Jews and Israelites for nearly 4000 years.

3. The idea of Palestinian nationhood, that is, an identifiable Arab people is a fiction, invented by the Egyptian dictator Abdul Nasser. He hired Yasser Arafat, an Egyptian-born militant to become the third leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organization. The Syrian dictator Assad would not speak to Arafat because he was convinced by Arafat’s Egyptian accent that he was just an Egyptian agent planted to cause trouble. At that time the so-called West Bank was occupied illegally by Jordanians! What liberation?? At no time in the last 2000 years has there ever been any entity called a Palestinian State. There is no Palestinian culture which is any different from a Syrian or an Egyptian culture because most of the so-called ‘Palestinians‘ came from Egypt or Syria to work in the Jewish Mandate territory.

4. Just before getting the Nobel Prize, Arafat said in Stockholm to Fatah supporters that ‘We plan to eliminate the state of Israel and establish a purely Palestinian state.‘ He added ‘We will make life unbearable for Jews by psychological warfare and population explosion. Jews will not want to live among Arabs.‘ That is the same policy today as articulated in Arabic by a female Fatah official.

5. The idea of Palestinian State is to destroy the Jews and then the West. In Arabic on Al-Hekma TV on 23 March 2012, Hamas Minister of the Interior and of National Security Fathi Hamad angrily shouted out the truth to his Egyptian brothers. He said that “Palestinians” originate from other parts of the Middle East. ‘Palestinian nationhood’ is a total fraud. ‘Palestinians’ do not come from ‘Palestine’!!

According to Gazan minister Hammad. ‘Every Palestinian, in Gaza and throughout Palestine, can prove his Arab roots – whether from Saudi Arabia, from Yemen, or anywhere. We have blood ties.

Brothers, half of the Palestinians are Egyptians and the other half are Saudis,” he exclaimed. “Thus, the conspiracy is very clear. Al-Aksa and the land of Palestine represent the spearhead for Islam and for the Muslims. Therefore, when we seek the help of our Arab brothers, we are not seeking their help in order to eat, to live, to drink, to dress, or to live a life of luxury. No. When we seek their help, it is in order to continue to wage Jihad.

6. With the Muslim Brotherhood holding the presidency in Egypt and Hamas the militant arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, Europe and the Mediterranean is in increasing danger. One aide of the new Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, Safwat Hajari, told roaring crowds that he wanted to make Jerusalem the capital of Egypt!