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   What was the Purpose of the Schuman Proposal?

Did this mark the real birth of Europe?

 It started a new epoch with a new entity: EUROPE

The first declared purpose of the Schuman Proposal is PEACE

The act is 'primarily for peace and to give peace a chance.'
 The aim is to provide the first bases for World Peace.

 LAW would replace WAR among the Community states

Was the first Community to be open to all Europeans in East and West?

 The Community was open to all European countries

 The Community's production was to be offered to the whole world

Did this include Eastern Europeans?
Was the first Community offered as an experiment or designed as a solid foundation and necessary first action to transform Europe as a whole?

 Europe was born by the proposal

 The first Community would transform Europe

 Was it aimed at entirely changing European balance of power politics?

 Would the Community start to gather the European nations together?

 Europeans would be better off

The coal and steel sector was a decisive leverage point
Why was coal and steel so important?

 Coal and steel are essential for weapons of war

 The industries are also essential for development

 National industrial basins would now progress fairly and justly

European industries can plan strategically without fear of being bombed in wars

This peaceful example of cooperation would permeate Europe like leaven in bread dough

How would placing these industries under a supranational authority help?

 It would 'fuse the essential national interests'

  It would make war 'materially impossible'

 War would become 'unthinkable' amongst cooperating interests
 Increased cooperation is only the first step to other fruitful development
 Fair and just trade leads to economic unity
 It would act against the formation of cartels

What were the main principles of supranationality?

 The essential was to create an independent authority above corrosive nationalism

 Such blind nationalism leads to war

 The High Authority (= today's European Commission) would provide independent arbitration for European problems

 The High Authority would itself be subject to law and justice

 The aim would be to serve all Europeans and the world

 National decisions made together with such independent arbitration would become enforceable international law

 Equality, open information systems, better treatment of workers

 Raising living standards, promoting peace, aiding developing countries

Was an aim of the Coal and Steel Community to create a single market?

 Goods would circulate within the Community free of customs duties

 The new Community was neutral about nationalizations or private ownership

 The new Community drew on the experience of the International Ruhr Authority
Do a Common Market and a common currency figure in the proposal?

 Is a European economic community part of the proposal?

 Is monetary union implied in the original proposal?

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