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Two articles on the US terror bombing
             109    Are Europeans also at war?
Summary: How can Europe bring peace faced with indiscriminate terror? What can NATO do? What did Schuman do as prime minister when France faced terror and a possible coup d'etat?

             108     Who are the guilty ones?
Summary: Terror bombings have been condemned around the world. But who is responsible and what can be done to make this a safer world? What can Europeans do? Can their experience to bring an end to war help against anonymous terror?

107     Come clean President Prodi!
Summary: Does the mysterious object on the roof of the Commission's building, now under reconstruction, have special lessons to tell Europeans about the future of European governance. What is this unidentified Brussels object?

106     Goodbye sustainable world!
For the first time in the history of science, we now know that there are no major life forms on the other planets, beyond disputable 'fossilised bacteria'. We are alone in the solar system. Can we continue to treat this planet's life and environment as 'consumables'? What is the economic value of a single cell, even a single organic chemical? How can we maximimize the profit of our stock and assets on this blue, cloud-marbled planet?

105   EU law: its  'greatest perversity' or the world's shining hope?
            Summary: the correction article the Financial Times wouldn't print
One economist calls European law the EU's 'greatest perversity' and says it is 'sinister' and a threat to decentralisation. What are the facts? Is Community law a threat to the nation state or is it in fact its salvation? Without Community law what would happened to Europe's states?

104    Why we should say 'Yes' to Mr Putin
What are the interests of Europeans in the US proposal for a satellite-based National Defence Shield against so-called 'rogue states'? As a US shield, leaving Europe uncovered, will it bring division between the EU and USA? Will Russia exploit the political opportunity? Or are there new opportunities that will increase security for the whole world and make it a safer place? Mr Putin talks about safeguarding international law; President Clinton, when he was in Russia, made clear US concerns for human rights and law in Russia. Europe can show the way with its pioneering experience in both internal and Community law.

103        The World's Most Important Document
What is the political document that most encapsulates the last century? What text would you show a child and say: 'This tells you most about our time, our past and our hopes'? Would it be British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain's paper signed by Hitler announcing 'Peace in our time'? The Declaration of Human Rights? Or another Declaration that has had a much more powerful and mysterious effect on the world? It is a text that has radically changed the bleak historical record of several thousand years of wars and destruction.
102      The World's Most Important Document (shorter version)

101       Will the European super power become a European Super-State?
Will Europe soon be electing a powerful President like the USA to live in a Brussels White House? What did Schuman say about the US federal constitution? Did this renowned civil and constitutional lawyer consider a constitution for Europe was  a necessary goal or an impossible, even undesirable, dream? The answer may surprise both European federalists and Euro-sceptics alike!




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