Robert Schuman
''Father of Europe'
French Prime Minister (1947-8) and Foreign Minister (1948-53)
Creator of the European Union,
Political innovator for the new millennium:
the means to 'make war not only unthinkable but materially impossible'

 'A peace that was not merely a liquidation of war but a construction of the future.'
'The national flourishes within the supranational'
'May from henceforth this idea of a reconciled, united and strong Europe become a watchword for the younger generations desirous of serving a humanity free at last from hate and fear.'

  F  *Robert Schuman's Proposal of 9 May 1950      The French Government declared its Decision and open invitation to create Europe
F        * Purpose of the Schuman Proposal      Did it include  stopping war, creating a  common market  and the  Euro?
F        *Was the Proposal the start of a European Federation?       Will Europe become a Super-State? The supranational explained
 F  *What contemporaries thought of Schuman          What sort of man was the Father of Europe?
F    *What did Schuman say about post-Soviet Europe?     In 1959 Schuman predicted the fall of the USSR
F     * Learn about Schuman's life         A chronology of his achievements
F * Ten Propositions from Robert Schuman's speeches      What Schuman stood for
F      *United States policy on the European Community     What the USA said about the Schuman Plan for a united Europe.
F       * What did Schuman say about Globalization?    Can the supranational method save our world?
F       * 9 May 2000: Jubilee of Europe's peace plan      Nobel laureate John Hulme calls for EU peace teams



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